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Apogee's HomeEnergyCalculator is the flagship application within the HomeEnergySuite™. This fast, intuitive yet highly robust energy analysis engine provides the answers your customers are looking for regarding their home energy use and how they can save.

Customers Choose Level of Detail

Customers can choose whether they want a quick home energy checkup or a more detailed home energy audit and virtually any level of detail in between. Behind the scenes, the calculator is pre-loaded with default home construction standards for your region, real-time weather data for your area, current rate structures and more. From there, the customer completes their house profile and clicks "submit."

Opportunities for Customer Action

The energy analysis appears onscreen instantaneously. Customers can elect to "take action" and be linked to current energy efficiency programs available or any other customized information you want to provide. In addition, they receive a compelling, at-a-glance plan for how to save energy in their home.  

Consistently Accurate and Clear

With Apogee’s proprietary AMES engine and software powering its energy calculators, utilities can be assured the energy evaluations and messages provided to their consumers are on-target. This level of precision leads to a more satisfied customer and better results for the utility. 

Unique Features

  • Carbon Footprint if desired
  • ENERGY STAR Yardstick Score if desired
  • Immediate feedback mechanism on every screen

The Power of Customer Choice®