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Apogee Institute Webinars are hosted for Apogee clients and invited guests to help advance their knowledge and skills base in this Web-centric, energy-focused world. We believe in the benefit of gathering industry peers together online to learn the latest trends and share real-world practices. Please contact us if you have additional training needs.

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Making the Smart Grid Relevant to Most People

March 30, 2017 | 2:00 PM Eastern

The energy industry has now made significant investments in advanced meters and have proven they can be valuable in behavioral demand response and to support pricing strategies reflecting cost differences in the time varying nature to electricity. We also we now have compelling proof that customers do respond to this information where prepaid electricity...


EE: Sell them what they want!

April 11, 2017 | 2:00 PM Eastern

Suzanne Shelton, president and CEO of Shelton Group, will team with engagement technology leader Apogee Interactive’s co-founder and CEO, Susan Gilbert, to demonstrate real-world examples of what leading utilities are doing now to effectively connect with customers.


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Efficient Energy Audits Made Easy

Presented December 15, 2016


Join Apogee’s Justin West, for a 30 minute webinar and discover how forward thinking utilities and Apogee Interactive have pioneered an easier more efficient way to deliver accurate and engaging home energy audits. We will give an overview of the application and learn about the user experience in the field.

We’ll discuss:

  • The improved customer experience, greater accuracy, and presentation
  • Increased efficiency of the in-home audit process
  • Expanded customer engagement and understanding of audit results

Adding Relevance to the Customer Experience

Presented September 22, 2016

Our Chief Software Architect, Joel Gilbert, P.E., and his R&D team have been testing ways of getting true customer engagement.

Every survey indicates that most customers simply want to be left alone.  They are only interested in their energy use when they get a high bill or when the lights go out.

How can we get their attention outside of those conditions?

Joel will explain what he calls The Big ADD to the current engagement approach.  When you hear ADD you probably think of Attention Deficit Disorder … which may actually be too close to what customers have for their utility.

Joel redefines ADD to be an “Automated Digital Dialogue” that moves us into an ongoing, relevant, and meaningful customer interaction.

Join us to see the latest and greatest in customer engagement, leaping far beyond offering personalized tips or even mid-cycle bill alerts.

Learn how you can ADD to the customer experience … pun intended!!

Keys to Successful Digital Engagement Strategies with Outbound Communication

Presented July 21, 2016

Join Apogee Interactive and AcceptEmail for a webinar sharing best practices for utility electronic bill presentment and payment. Speakers will explore ways digital engagement at this vital point of purchase can improve customer satisfaction.

During the discussion, attendees will learn how new approaches to outbound communication can reduce calls to the call center, encourage paperless billing, lessen arrears billing, deliver significant cost savings and promote greater customer engagement.

Successful Digital Engagement Strategies

Presented June 30, 2016

Digital marketing is changing the way we interact with customers. How do utilities deliver an excellent customer experience through new web and mobile channels?  Join Apogee’s Karen Morris and Jim Malcom and learn how to improve digital engagement for your utility and why doing so will reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Our agenda includes:

  • The Business Case for Digital
  • Opportunities for Digital Engagement
  • Personalized, Outbound, Proactive Messaging
  • Case Studies and Proven Results

Unlocking the Value of Customer Engagement

Presented June 7, 2016

Learn how to provide an effortless customer experience with a personalized, outbound, and proactive digital engagement platform. Apogee’s Susan Gilbert and Justin West will explain how utilities are increasing program yield and customer satisfaction with the right digital engagement  platform designed for auditors in the field, self-service at home, or for CSRs in the call center.

Surgical Demand Response

Presented May 26, 2016

Energy utilities are searching for ways to reduce costs, increase program effectiveness, and improve the customer experience.  Rather than simply hope the right customers find your energy opportunities, target them precisely with outbound invitations to participate in relevant programs or services.  Find homes and businesses for EE and DR that bring immediate value by lowering stress on the distribution network. Or, target homes you feel are good candidates for programs.  This lowers the program costs and improves the results.

Personalization doesn’t get any better than this!

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