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Compelling Presentation. Proven Accuracy. Real Results.

If you want to work with professionals who understand utility customer relationships and their energy use, then you'll want to work with Apogee Interactive.

We chose our name – Apogee Interactive – for a very specific reason. We take pride in pushing our energy analysis capabilities and Internet applications to their highest levels. We combine razor-sharp analytics and creative digital marketing with applications that speak to the needs of today’s energy utilities helping them increase program participation, customer satisfaction and engagement.

Whether it’s home energy analysis, smart grid integration, billing data presentment or commercial facility energy management, our applications uncover the best possible opportunities to provide customers with the information needed to make better energy decisions fostering trust and positioning the utility as a credible source of energy information.

We help educate utility consumers about their energy use — with a level of analysis suited to the customer’s needs and abilities: homeowners, business owners, small commercial and large commercial/industrial consumers.

Apogee’s founders are seasoned energy management professionals with a passion for helping utilities offer cutting-edge engagement tools to their customers.

Our clients are leading investor-owned, cooperative and municipal energy utilities across the country and their key trade associations.

Our team is comprised of chemical engineers, nuclear engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and cutting-edge Web programmers -– all on staff. They design and maintain our proprietary AuditMation Energy Analysis System. Their algorithms and coding account for and analyze the most comprehensive set of data points.

Apogee’s user interface specialists, Web designers and electronic communications specialists translate the technical data into relevant, clear and compelling communications to customers.

  • Con Edison

    "Close to three-quarters of a million customers accessed our mobile website this past year and it keeps climbing. We’re now working to place energy management tools in the hands of our customers with mobile apps that help increase energy awareness and guide smarter energy decisions."

    - Chris Gallo | Sr. Specialist, Customer Outreach

  • Georgia Power

    "We want to ensure the energy advice we provide over the Web or in the home through the Energy Check-Up (EnergyInsights™) is as accurate as possible. We are trying to let customers know that they can do and predict the impact of their changes. This tool does the calculations and converts into dollars instead of just kWh."

    - Kevin Kastner | eBusiness Manager

  • CPS Energy

    "For every dollar we help our business customers save, we help improve their bottom line and the strength of our local economy. Businesses want to keep operating costs down to remain competitive and CPS Energy wants to reduce energy demand to help delay the need for new power plants. It's a true win-win."

    - Dan Kahn | Program Administrator, Commercial Rebates

  • EPB Chattanooga

    "EPB Chattanooga makes technology-based innovation and exceptional customer service a priority. We have found Apogee’s tools provide our customers and CSRs with the most accurate, easy to use energy analysis applications available. We believe educating our customers, about energy efficiency and their energy use is the most effective way to help customers save money and enhance the quality of life."

    - Denise Estes | Senior Supervisor Customer Relations

  • Marietta Water & Power

    "They (Apogee) really get to know the customer. The fact that they are family oriented…the fact that they ask for input ─ and not just to ask ─ they actually do something about it."

    - Barry Echols | Director of Marketing

  • Snohomish PUD

    "We typically see a seasonal trend in usage of HomeEnergyCalculator™,” said Cathy. “This promotion (Including Apogee's Marketing Slider) turned that trend upside down, and significantly increased overall traffic. The slider allowed us to take advantage of this by inviting customers to enter the contest at just the right time - when they have completed their calculation. We gathered almost 700 emails over the 3-month contest period."

    - Cathy Anderson | Program Manager

  • East Kentucky Power Cooperative

    "Our owner-member distribution cooperatives want to provide multiple energy efficiency options to their members and deliver positive energy audit experiences whether by phone, in person or online. Apogee’s tools will make this possible since the consumer, field auditor and member service representative will all have access to the same energy analysis software, just with a different application interface.In addition, the online audits will enable the cooperatives to follow-up with members who are most likely to benefit from other energy-saving programs offered by the cooperative."

    - Scott Drake | Manager of Corporate Technical Solutions

  • Kankakee Valley REMC

    "We can’t control the weather, but we can encourage members to make small changes that can have a big impact. “The application uses our rates and our local weather, so members can see the direct correlation between outside temperatures, their inside thermostat setting, and their energy costs. Our goal is providing our members with more control over their energy use and bills, and WeatherInsights™ presents the data in dollars and cents so they can make informed choices."

    - Amanda Steeb | Communications/Marketing Director

  • Midwest Energy Inc.

    "We need the online tools to overcome the barriers to energy efficiency ─ education is the biggest barrier. By using the Apogee HomeEnergyCalculator™ we can show the customer what is possible. How they can save money."

    - Michael Volker | Director of Regulatory & Energy Services

  • Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

    "The video survey results were resoundingly positive. Ninety-five percent of the respondents found the information easy to understand and 94 percent said they found the information useful. Overall, 92 percent felt the video format was an effective way to communicate changes in their bill."

    - Todd Jordan | Director of Member Solutions

  • Wabash Valley Power

    "When I call Apogee, I don’t have to explain anything to them. They know our idiosyncrasies etc. I wouldn’t make any other choice. It’s definitely a huge advantage that Apogee knows our business so well, the tools and technology."

    - Sabrina Knapp | Wabash Valley Power

  • Old Dominion Electric Cooperative

    "I think I can speak for Catherine, Royce and myself as well as the cooperative staff in saying that we have been very pleased with the responsiveness of Apogee staff when we have had questions, suggestions, requests, etc."

    - Erin Puryear | Manager, Member Services & Energy Innovation Planning

  • Union Power Cooperative

    "At Union Power Cooperative, we are committed to providing energy efficiency education to our members. This is valuable service strategic to our mission to provide an exceptional member experience. We believe personalized energy reports go one step further to improve that experience and helps maintain an ongoing individual conversation with each member."

    - Luanne Sherron | VP Communications and Key Accounts, Union Power Cooperative

  • Nashville Electric

    "Nashville Electric Service is committed to delivering best-in-class service and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. We believe Apogee helps us achieve these goals with easy to use self-service tools that helps customers analyze their energy use and educates them with ways to save energy and money. Our Service Advisors are more confident and better equipped to handle high bill complaints quickly and accurately."

    - Teresa Corlew | Vice President, Chief Customer Care Officer

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