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Commercial Customers face a whole host of energy and demand issues on a daily or monthly basis. They need answers. And they usually want them fast. Contact us to preview these powerful online energy reference tool for your business customers and your commercial account representatives.


The CommercialEnergyCalculator is designed to help auditors pre-screen commercial energy audits. This helps reduce time on the site and determine if a site visit is needed at all. The calculator also provides a customizable energy report with energy saving recommendations.

Features Include:

  • Intuitive presentation
  • Comparison of energy use and costs
  • Instantly displays savings by end-use systems
  • Generates editable energy use reports with recommendations
  • Compare scenarios for saving opportunities
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The CommercialEnergyLibrary presents what can be complex concepts in easy-to-understand explanations and examples, such as the difference between energy and demand, peak and non-peak demand, varying rate schedules, commercial and industrial energy technologies, and billing concepts. Main energy sections with references for Business Types, Technologies, and Building Design.

This library draws upon years of energy management consulting, engineering and field experience, and leading national data sources. It’s authored by professionals who have worked on-site, hand-in-hand with small business, commercial and industrial customers for years.

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Understanding Demand Reference Library

Demand charges can be very confusing until you can see how your decisions about the equipment you use add up each hour of the day. The following section offers an intuitive review of how and when most facilities typically use energy, and some suggestions about how you can save the most money on your bills.

The searchable online library contains:

  • Understanding Demand Consumption
  • Analogies for Understanding Demand
  • Understanding the Electric Bill
  • How Demand Charges are Computed
  • Calculating Appliance Energy Use
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