Field Audit Application

Streamlined, Personalized Home and Commercial Audits

Apogee’s Field Audit Application for iPad or any tablet is a powerful productivity tool for commercial and residential energy auditors. Before arriving at a home, auditors download customers’ billing histories and preview a breakdown of household energy use. While onsite, the auditor shows the customer onscreen exactly how costs change with different thermostat settings, equipment choices, and behavioral patterns.

Says Scott Drake, Manager of Corporate Technical Solutions for East Kentucky Power, “Our owner-member distribution cooperatives want to provide multiple energy efficiency options to their members and deliver positive energy audit experiences whether by phone, in person or online, Apogee’s tools will make this possible since the consumer, field auditor and member service representative will all have access to the same energy analysis software, just with a different application interface.”


RESNET® Accreditation as a Rating Software Tool

Apogee’s Field Audit Application has been accredited by RESNET as a rating software tool. Current versions of application are licensed by utility sponsors for larger scale home performance programs.

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