Interactive Voice & Text Response

Energy Advice Through Interactive Voice and Text

Save valuable call center time by delivering answers to common billing-related questions and concerns via interactive voice response or text. The Apogee’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application provides bill analysis over an IVR platform using voice, text message, and/or mobile channels. This application can be imported and embedded into a utility’s existing IVR system as VXML files, or be reached at an external number from the menu of an existing IVR system.

A customer can also initiate a conversation by texting to an in-bounding number or browsing a mobile site. In any scenario, the IVR application will ask for the customer’s account number (this step will be skipped if the application is integrated into an existing IVR system) and load the corresponding home profile if previously defined, or an average home representing the utility’s service territory.

After the account number is verified through an Apogee web service, the customer will be directed to a main menu with the following options:

  1. Why is my bill different from last month?
  2. Why is my bill different from last year?
  3. Text me the answers to these questions.
  4. Provide feedback.



Interactive Text Responses

An additional capability of this application is to provide Interactive Text Responses. This feature allows a customer to have a text conversation to discover the differences between the current bill and the previous month or year’s bills. The response dollarizes the effect of weather and billing period length.

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