Special Purpose Calculators

User-Friendly Calculators Delivering Targeted Insights

Customers on a quest to reduce their energy usage appreciate a helping hand from Apogee’s interactive special purpose calculators. With 35 calculators to choose from, utilities can add to their website those pertaining to the topics that matter most to customers in their service territory—heating and cooling, pools and spas, electric vehicles, and many more.

Customized With the Utility’s Weather and Energy Costs

As with Apogee’s signature online energy efficiency tools, these single-topic calculators use the utility’s local weather zones and energy costs, and compare a variety of technologies and operational choices.

Gives Immediate Feedback and Answers

Customers can change multiple variables using the sliding buttons. New calculations occur simultaneously, providing immediate visual feedback in the charts and values displayed as the buttons move.Customers can also see savings expressed in a variety of ways, including total annual dollars saved, total cost savings over ten years, impact on carbon footprint, and more.

Cross-Linking Throughout Website Drives Calculator Traffic

Links to one or more calculators can be grouped on a single page of your utility’s website or strategically placed throughout the website for maximum use.

More than 30 Calculator Options:

  • Lighting
  • Appliances (with ENERGY STAR)
  • SEER
  • HVAC
  • TVs
  • Set-back Heating or Cooling Thermostat
  • Pool & Spa
  • Water Heating
  • Multiple Rate Schedule Comparisons
  • Irrigation and Pumps
  • Paperless Billing
  • Space Heating
  • Heating Comparison
  • Heat Pump
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Phantom Load
  • Rate Calculator
  • Holiday Lights

And more!

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